Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Whiskey tango foxtrot...

Or: more fun with Adsense:
Ads by Google
Silent Partner Body Armor
Point Blank Body Armor
Level IV Body Armor
Second Chance Body Armor
Bulletproof Vests Helmets

eh, these must have come with either mention of "security" or "paranoia" in the previous post... The thing is, i don't see myself as the type to wear a chicken suit... Not even the nifty class IIIa armoured trench coat a friend showed me being sold years ago.

The fact is, neither i, nor most people live a life of danger... And most of us who do, are generally in jobs that PROVIDE such gear.

Shit can and does happen, but security is a trade off... Something that folks like Bruce Schneier point out all the time. Without having done any clicky clicky on those ads, i am willing to bet that few of them go to sites sellong to folks who get shot at for a living.

I bet that most of them go to links selling to frightened people. And i am just not that scared.

So, is it a bad idea to occasionally make posts poking fun at the ads i get served?