Thursday, July 17, 2008

Will someone do me a favor?

If the drugs do not take hold in the next hour or so, will someone please shoot me in the head?

The rabid brain eating beast is back again. It started chewing on me around noon, and started getting really vicious about 30 min ago... After i had taken the Excedrin.

The only reason i am writing this right now is because forcing myself to concentrate on something other than the throbbing seems to help, even if i did have to turn the screen brightness on my laptop way down.

Because i took Excedrine, which does in fact usually work, now i have to wait at least 3 more hours, for the paracetamol to work its way out of my system, before i can break into my emergency stash of T3's...

Though at the moment, i am nearly willing to risk my liver jumping out of my abdomen and eating the city.


Brain Control Headset... Maybe not the best headline for someone with some paranoid tendencies to read... though with further reading, seems nifty.

Yeah, i know, it's old news, but i wasn't writing this when it was new...