Friday, July 25, 2008

Plastic surgery disasters, where the surgery went well.

Well, this has me seething. A teen girl being interviewed on The View because the year before she went under the knife. And those shitheels on her left are supporting this decision.

The breast reduction i can almost understand, a 15 year old girl with a DD cups and a small frame is probably going to end up with back problems unless she hits one hell of a growth spurt. But that isn't why she did this.

She got the breast reduction because she was often in trouble at school for "creating a disturbance."

Newsflash, SHE was not causing the disturbance, horndogs and bluenoses were causing the disturbance. The kid was just existing.

But i can understand it. I would rather fix the actual source of disruption with a clue by four, but, hell it is her body, and she had parental support.

The LIPOSUCTION on the other hand enrages me. A tiny amount of fat was sucked out of her belly because it seemed unlikely she would grow out of it... Fuck, what little fat she had on her belly was the sort i find attractive in an adult woman. She was definitely no where near obese, or even anything passing for overweight. she just didn't fit the ideal drummed into her, and what the hell, she was already mutilating her tits anyway to get teachers and other kids off her case.

The girl was starting to eat less and less to try to get rid of her tiny belly and make if flat. This is something that can be a major fucking issue, potentially deadly if not treated properly in fact.

Proper treatment is psychological, or at worst psychiatric... NOT surgical, not when she is unlikely to be finished growing especially.

I don't necessarily have a problem with plastic surgery. If you have a limb cut off and saved, it was a plastic surgeon who reattached it, if your nose was broken, a plastic surgeon may have been involved in setting it. Car accident? Assault? Psycho Ex setting you on fire?

All handled in the aftermath by plastic surgeons.

It's the assholes who cut on both men and women to make them fit into some cookie cutter "ideal" of artificial beauty who piss me off.

I have scars on my body that likely could have been avoided with the help of a plastic surgeon, likely many could still be removed. I'm keeping my scars though, because they serve to remind me of times i screwed up, or was jacked up by someone else's screw up.

I am also keeping my gut until or unless i work it off myself as a reminder of my imperfect will. I am going bald and will continue doing so because transplants would ruin my tattoos, my scalp already itches, and i don't like the sound of "Irreversible sexual side effects."

Besides, as anyone who has seen how i dress can attest, i am not good at vanity...

But fashion is a whole other rant.