Monday, July 14, 2008

In the spirit of honesty...

It has occurred to me that in my posting on ideablob that i am at least partially kidding myself.

I claim that the most likely use for the potential $10k on the extremely bloody unlikely chance i win it would be to pay off my debts... And really, i believed it when i first wrote it.

But to be honest both with myself, and with my imaginary readers... well it would REDUCE my debt... but a fair chunk would go into toys. Well, my idea of toys anyway.

The real question is how much of it would i blow on knives, computers and guns.

If i am smart, it wouldn't be the guns... simply because they have the most ongoing cost, ammunition costs are going up, plus gasoline expended in travelling to a range, plus range fees equals an expensive damned hobby. And thus not something i should use a windfall to expand my collection with.

With new computers at least the main ongoing cost is electricity and net access, and since i have a home router, the electricity is the only thing that would really go up. Bonus point for not being something i can be accused of being a paranoid neanderthal for wanting.

Knives OTOH, have minimal ongoing expense, time spent getting, and keeping the edges up to snuff and a very occasional ER visit because i get so stupidly confident that i know what i am doing i end up doing something stupid. But the newest scar is so recent that it will probably be another decade before i get stupid over basic safety while cutting things again.

Or who knows... if i come into a windfall, i just might manage to be responsible with it... Which i suspect would make me nearly unique among humans...